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My name is James Murphy and I am a Writer. I’m not really a tortured artist, I like describing my craft in this way because it took me twenty years of working in a sales and recruitment to realise my passion is writing and to dedicate myself to my art. I am definitely a kind person.

Based in London, well technically I’m in the Home Counties, creative licence and all that.

I may be in the south now but I have been collecting words and getting lost in stories since being a young lad on the council estates of Manchester waiting for the mobile library to arrive. We had a mobile library because my primary school was too poor to have a library of its own!

My diverse background, ranging from the council estates of Manchester through a twenty-year career in sales and recruitment in London and now village life in the Home Counties, means that when we work together on a copywriting project I can augment your message with the richness of my own experience – always carefully making sure it is 100% representative of you.

Writing isn’t what I do, it’s who I am. This is an explicit statement of my intention.

I love to tell a story – even if it’s me using my words to tell your story, you can be sure that I will use my words to weave a magical story that is compelling, leaving readers wanting more.

I create magic with my words, so whatever your message is, I promise I can create a spell that will work!

Copywriting and Me

I have used writing as a side hustle for all of my life, making a better than average living from sales and recruitment. Twenty years later I have made enough money to allow me to make writing my life, which was always my heart’s desire.

Words for job adverts, sales pitches, elevator pitches, bid writing, press releases, case studies, marketing campaigns, international recruitment campaigns, emails letters and more.

My entire career has revolved around words.

Influence and persuasion only work once the audience is engaged.

Words are like filaments of pure magic, which is why we need to treat them with respect and care when we are casting spells.

What People Say

James is an incredible content creator! he is able to grasp concepts with little effort and has the creative confidence to run with them. James is an authentic communicator and always seeks to understand, rather than push to be understood – which is a rare thing in today’s society. I would recommend James without hesitation

Nic Sandhu, HR Professional

I do what I can, where I am, with what I have.


James is a creative force and has the gift of storytelling in his soul. Knowing James, for over ten years I can confidently say that he does not subscribe to boundaries, and has a rebellious streak that always ensures he pushes the mark wherever possible. James is able to create magic with words to increase engagement, and is unfailingly kind.

Dionne Auguste, Confidence Coach

Let’s build something together.


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