5 Ways to spot, and obtain, self-awareness!

We are all so external these days. We choose to give power to devices and apps; which impacts our self-awareness! Giving away power to these devices is all good and well when the intention is to streamline a process or ensure consistency in a group.   5 Ways to spot, and obtain, self-awareness! I am not... Continue Reading →

10 Confidence Wins Your Inner Child Will Love You For

It's important to remember that perfectionism is the enemy of creativity, and at a basic level human beings are creative beings. Everything you experience is created by you, for you! Authenticity is the source of the magic in creation; whether it's a status update or a piece of copywriting. Factors such as stimuli, nutrition, clutter,... Continue Reading →

How to set healthy boundaries and be happy.

It is one of the most important things that we should be doing every day but so many of us don't know how to set healthy boundaries and be happy, without being mean. I'm going to go through setting boundaries in relationships that will allow you to create more happiness for you, and those that... Continue Reading →


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