The importance of the Black Lives Matter Conversation

I do see skin colour. There, I said it. Observing the might of this movement gestate and develop into the dominant force that it is has been an incredible learning experience and, until late last week, I kept my observations intentionally silent. My silence was not demonstrative of a lack of response and certainly not... Continue Reading →

Free yourself from the torment of comparison!

Comparison between people, objects, value and status is a socially accepted form of violence, which is what makes seeking justice for ourselves such a painful, and seemingly unattainable task. This behaviour is insidious and is drilled into us from such an early age right from an adult comparing the behaviour of one child to another... Continue Reading →

Trusting the Universe ISN’T becoming a Bystander.

I like to go down google rabbit holes every now and again and the last time I ventured into one was in exploration of a phenomenon that has fascinated me for as long as I can remember, Enlightenment. Not the Age of Enlightenment but the concept that is sometimes called The Dark Night of the... Continue Reading →

10 Confidence Wins Your Inner Child Will Love You For

It's important to remember that perfectionism is the enemy of creativity, and at a basic level human beings are creative beings. Everything you experience is created by you, for you! Authenticity is the source of the magic in creation; whether it's a status update or a piece of copywriting. Factors such as stimuli, nutrition, clutter,... Continue Reading →

How to set healthy boundaries and be happy.

It is one of the most important things that we should be doing every day but so many of us don't know how to set healthy boundaries and be happy, without being mean. I'm going to go through setting boundaries in relationships that will allow you to create more happiness for you, and those that... Continue Reading →

How to have a good conversation with an Introvert

There's a rivalry that goeas back eons; the Introverts vs Extroverts. This has been brought into the forefront as a result of them being stuck together in quarantine. Introverts retreat by default so are generally fine with the Social Distancing rules. The biggest lesson about Introverts is that introversion is not a synonym for shyness... Continue Reading →

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