Free yourself from the torment of comparison!

Comparison between people, objects, value and status is a socially accepted form of violence, which is what makes seeking justice for ourselves such a painful, and seemingly unattainable task. This behaviour is insidious and is drilled into us from such an early age right from an adult comparing the behaviour of one child to another... Continue Reading →

My Top Ten Life Changing non-fiction Books!

I read with an appetite like that of an olympian athlete in training for competition. I hungrily lap up the words, savour the ideas, chew the knowledge and swallow the wisdom that is served by an author that has taken the time and energy to serve up their own particular delicacy in the form of... Continue Reading →

Cognitive Biases and how they impact your life!

Cognitive biases are hot topics in psychological circles and it is an area that is sure to invoke some heavy debate. A cognitive bias is like a lens, through which we 'see' or experience our individual version of reality. All of us have cognitive biases that are formed because of our experiences, preconceptions, environmental, social... Continue Reading →

How to get to know yourself in five steps!

Historic people can be defined easily in a single sentence, this sentence is the legacy of that person. Abraham Lincoln's sentence would be: "Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, he saw the country through the Civil War and successfully campaigned for the abolition of slavery". Some people know themselves from an... Continue Reading →

8 Ways To Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Motivated behavior is the most successful and painless behavior because you are engaged fully in the task at hand. But how do you motivate yourself you prefer to sit down scrolling lazily, only getting up to grab another ice lolly from the freezer? Having a motivated attitude is half of the challenge in anything, so... Continue Reading →

10 Confidence Wins Your Inner Child Will Love You For

It's important to remember that perfectionism is the enemy of creativity, and at a basic level human beings are creative beings. Everything you experience is created by you, for you! Authenticity is the source of the magic in creation; whether it's a status update or a piece of copywriting. Factors such as stimuli, nutrition, clutter,... Continue Reading →

Why dogs are the best pet to increase quality of life!

The age-old argument of Dogs vs Cats is a redundant one as far as I'm concerned because, in my opinion, dogs are the best! Oftentimes the connection between a human and their dog runs deeper and with more authenticity than with fellow humans Why dogs are the best! The bond between humans and dogs is... Continue Reading →

How to set healthy boundaries and be happy.

It is one of the most important things that we should be doing every day but so many of us don't know how to set healthy boundaries and be happy, without being mean. I'm going to go through setting boundaries in relationships that will allow you to create more happiness for you, and those that... Continue Reading →

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