Don’t Even Think About Paying For Coaching Until You Read Every Word of This

I am a self-development enthusiast, and I am not ashamed to admit it.  

I search out learning experiences like a pig hunting for truffles; usually, this is a trait that I am grateful for, and these days with everyone seeming to be becoming a coach, there’s a lot of noise to lose one’s voice in.

These coaches all promise to be ‘the next big thing’ with assurances that following their guidance will be rewarded with a six-figure income with just fifteen minutes of work per day.

What if earning a six-figure salary isn’t your heart’s desire?

Perhaps you’ve already earned, or are currently making a six-figure salary, and when it comes to happiness, you’re still sitting close to empty.

We’ve all felt a bit lost in our lives at some point.

We have all questioned if the path that we are on is the right path. 

Life has a way of twisting and turning, which can lead to us feeling insecure about our decision-making capabilities.

Life has a way of making us doubt our power.

I was lost.

I had left my six-figure salary job because I knew it wasn’t my perfect choice of employment. Writing is my passion; that much I knew, and I was struggling to find a way to make this my career.

My new struggle became working out how on earth I could clear this exploratory path, at close to forty years old, with no experience in this field and no network to fall back on to help me get writing gigs that would keep my lights on and food on my table.

Six months later, I was still doggedly persevering with my goal. I was practising every day, posting content on my blog to show my passion for, and dedication to, the craft. I had picked up a few Copywriting gigs, and although I was grateful for them, deep down, I knew I was worth more!

I began to lose hope. I had plugged the last of my savings into this and a world of effort too.  

I felt more lost than ever.

Warning: Don’t Even Think About Paying For Coaching Until You Read Every Word on This Page, Unless You Want to Waste Your Time and Money!

That was when I discovered the DNA Light Up experience.

DNA Light Up is a refreshing and wildly different form of self-development in all ways. Most notably, because it focuses on the most valuable thing in the universe – You!

These sessions are led by what DNA Light Up refers to as an ‘Activator’.

Usually, the sessions take place in person with an Activator. However, my sessions were carried out via Zoom because of COVID-19 and completing them in a virtual environment had no negative impact on the quality of the delivery whatsoever. However, I would’ve loved to have been in the physical presence of my Activator, Derek.

The high value placed on the human interaction between Derek and myself was an immediate sign that this is a course that had some meat on its bones. I immediately felt secure in my choice!

DNA Light Up is not an egomaniacal trip to self-superstardom, it is a transformative experience that makes a recovery a discovery and any enlightenment is a relighting of the magnitude of power that we all hold inside us already!

The first session was all about the discovery of me. We talked about me, me and yet more me, and in a society that gorges on a diet of external validation, this was a sublime palate cleanser. Derek told me that he wanted to get a feel for how I spoke both about and to myself. I found myself saying things I didn’t even know I wanted to say; my load felt lighter within thirty minutes of meeting Derek.

The second session was an incredible learning journey all about the gremlins and heroes of our narrative. The learning I took from this has fundamentally changed the way I speak about myself and to myself. I have always believed that words are like filaments of pure magic, and DNA Light Up has brought home just how powerful that spell can be.

During this second session, Derek taught me a great trick called ‘The Rugby Bums’ that helps us to score higher points in any conversation. Take the first letter of How to create an imaginary rugby goal post, then set the first letter of Who, What, When and Where along the crossbar – so they look like little exposed rugby players bums – this promotes the use of open questions that nurture and cultivate authentic engagement. Scoring goals in conversation is something we should all be striving to do!

 I’ll leave it to Derek to tell you where Why fits into all of this!

During the incredible exercise in the third and final session of the DNA Light Up program, I was activated by Derek by way of a beautiful symbolic treasure hunt that had me identify the source of my power. I have never experienced self-development with this much credibility, authenticity and authority before.

There are no tests and other than some gentle coaching and guiding, it is a wholly collaborative and organic experience. 

Upon completion of the sessions, I had the confidence that my little light could reach wherever I choose to send it.

I am excited to get started on implementing this into my newly invigorated and energised life. I can barely wait to have my follow up session with Derek in a few weeks to discuss the impact my new choices have on my being!

I have been fortunate enough to be able to connect with the founder of DNA Light Up, Melanie Pledger and I got to spend an hour with her during which we had a very illuminating conversation. I want to share some of the questions that I asked her and the answers that she gave to me:

Could you explain DNA Light Up for me in one or two sentences?

DNA Light Up is pure love. Nobody has ever said it better than The Beatles when they said, All You Need is Love*

*If anyone is allowed a free licence for gremlin words, it’s The Beatles!

How did you come up with the program?

It came through me! One part of me knew that this was something incredible that needed to be seen through; another part of me ran from it in fear of the sheer size of the task at hand!

What was your goal when you set initially about making DNA Light Up become a real… thing?

To do away with the notion that there has to be a period of darkness before a person can realise their light!

Have you ever been afraid that you were not on the right path with DNA Light Up?

Absolutely! So many times! I remember going through the first Activator training, and I was unsure if it would even work – I had no idea what I was doing; the feeling of seeing the light come on in people was incredible, and I knew then that I was on the right path!

Tell me about your most remarkable memory concerning ‘activating’ a person on the program.

On one of the earlier ones I was observing a woman be activated; she had been trafficked and experienced horrific trauma. I will never forget when she said, “even my soul tells me I am a dirty prostitute” with tears silently streaming down her face as she stared at her knees.

After the ‘Discovery’ part of the program, there was a break, and she vanished. We found her in the bathroom with her hands on the sink, making eye contact with herself in the mirror and vocalising “You are beautiful. I am beautiful.” 

That was an incredible experience!

Why should people want to be activated with DNA Light Up?

Because I have done the work, been dragged through awakenings and learned the shortcut. Nobody should have to go through any darkness to find their power – I know how to rediscover a person’s light.

Finish the following sentence – Life is:

Life is beautiful. 

Full stop, no parentheses, no ellipsis?

Full stop.

DNA Light Up is an investment that you will not regret making. The skills and techniques are incredibly empowering and come with the reassurance of human application and practical demonstrations of their power.

DNA Light Up also fulfils its promise to empower you to believe that you can succeed in whatever you choose!

You can get in touch with Derek, Melanie or head on over to the DNA Light Up Website for more information on this life-changing program.

During the almost two-hour-long conversation that I had with Melanie, I learned that her supermassive passion is DNA Light Up for children. Her desire is to ‘Light Up’ as many children as possible so that they identify and cultivate their light, and trust their intuition.

It’s the perfect partner for safeguarding training in our schools, there can be no downside to having your people that are adequately protected AND are in touch with their own intuition. This will enable our young people to navigate their evolution with passion and confidence.


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