9 Characteristics of Deeply Creative People

believe that all human beings are creative beings, but there are definitely different levels of creativity. The world that each of us perceives is created by our senses as we make sense of the stimulus within our environment.

Creativity is in everything that we do, it’s not just a person sat with an easel on a summers day with a beret jauntily placed on his head, creating a watercolor masterpiece. A salesperson closing a deal is creative too, using the skills of influence and persuasion to weave and construct their latest deal. Creativity is found everywhere in creation.

9 Characteristics of Deeply Creative People.

What I mean by a deeply creative person is somebody that is completely immersed in creativity. This is not a person that has their creative hunger satiated by having a side hustle to their ‘normal job’.

It’s important to understand that our creative nature can be trained, nurtured, and cultivated. Creativity is not a mystical talent bestowed upon prolific writers, painters, and sculptors as some divine gift of creation; it is simply that each person accesses and cares for their creativity differently.

Here are ten ways that I believe identify deeply creative people:

Creative people can seem to be quite naive

Creative people are usually smart but can seem to view the world quite naively. This comes from the desire, ability, or compulsion to see the wonder in their environment, appreciating all that they experience in search of their creative muse.

Creative people always seem to be out of sync with others.

It is often said that creative people are quite eccentric or lofty. Although creative people are very focussed when they are working, they are often already thinking about their next creative endeavor as soon as they finish their last one.

Creative people are calmly energetic

It is easy to imagine that Vincent Van Gogh sat down with his paints and knocked out Starry Starry Night in one go. The reality is that any creative process is an arduous one that takes perseverance and tenacity, but a deeply creative person also knows the power of rest and being relaxed.

Creative people understand the flimsiness of social constructs

Deeply creative people have no need for gender roles and stereotypes; preferring creative osmosis where defined roles become shared.

Deeply creative people are driven by pride as opposed to ego.

Creative people can seem to be dreamy

It is a common misconception that creative people live with their heads in the clouds; in fact, creative people understand that reality is a perception, and it can be altered.

Whether it’s a writer creating a world with words or a scientist developing an understanding of our world, both require the ability to understand that reality is not finite. Let’s not forget, at one point our planet was believed to be flat.

Creative people are at home both in solitude and in groups

Personality is a powerful motivator, it is often assumed that creative people are emotionally expressive and introverted. In fact, deeply creative people thrive when interacting with others and are equally comfortable and energized in their own company.

A deeply creative person will often be very curious, seeking to understand the people they are around and always keen to hear different perspectives.

Creative people rebel against conformity

The best way to coerce a creative person to do one thing is to tell them to do the opposite. Deeply creative people are rebellious, not always overtly or aggressively, but the very nature of creativity is to challenge and express reality and creative people understand that reality changes depending upon how it is perceived.

Creative people have deep emotional wells

The process of creation comes from an intention to express a unique point of view. This requires the vulnerability of childlike wonder and the resilience of a warrior and the anti-fragility of a fortress.

Deeply creative people often feel everything, deeply and they accept that they are in a constant state of flux.

Creative people are objective

Although a creative person is invested in their work on a deeply emotional level, they understand the power of revisiting, editing, and cultivating their creative endeavors.

Every writer has multiple drafts, poets tinker with couplets for years at a time and a painter can have many layers of worlds on one canvas


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