8 Ways To Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Motivated behavior is the most successful and painless behavior because you are engaged fully in the task at hand. But how do you motivate yourself you prefer to sit down scrolling lazily, only getting up to grab another ice lolly from the freezer?

Having a motivated attitude is half of the challenge in anything, so it’s no shock that motivated movers get more stuff done.

Rather than this being another list of workout motivation tips, one of the biggest challenges to motivation and general wellbeing is depression and the problem of how to get motivated to exercise when depressed.

The question of how to get motivated to get back to the gym once this worldwide pandemic is [hopefully] under control is a big one, the complete change of our daily lives and routines has resulted in a lack of motivation to exercise.

8 Ways To Motivate Yourself to Exercise When You Lack Energy

Get a backpack

This is my first recommendation because the smartest and most life-changing thing I did, has been to wear a backpack wherever I go.

They are great for grocery store walks and leaving the car behind which is good for you, and the environment.

It makes carrying healthy snacks around a lot easier, along with a refillable water bottle

On top of all this, they can help with posture realignment – making you stand up taller and straighter – which gives the body a radically altered silhouette.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

This goes without saying, I even toyed with not putting it in because it is so obvious but it’s also very important. You are what you eat, so in April I was three kilograms of Haribo, which is not what I recommend.

Eating fresh things is easier when they are actually fresh so I walk to the store every day and buy what I’m going to eat that day.

I use the rainbow technique and strive to eat five fruits and vegetables, each one a different color. I usually eat them raw whilst I’m out and about (eating a tomato the same way I eat an apple gets some odd looks but I don’t mind).


This is the exercise of doom, as well as the exercise of potential; start with the wardrobe and go through all the things that you haven’t worn for ages and you will inevitably find a load of things you don’t wear because they are a bit snug.

This alone will motivate you to get moving because it will feel like you’ve got a whole new wardrobe without the expenditure.

If this doesn’t happen then at least you will have decluttered which will give you some space to do some at home push-ups!

Make it social

Misery loves company, as they say.

Seriously though, going for a walk with a friend, or even a neighbor, around the local area (perhaps each with a backpack, walking to the grocery store) and having a gossip whilst doing so is great exercise.

The added bonus of this is that we could all stand to be a little more social, although responsibly, given the COVID-19 situation.

Go small

Going from Zero to Hero never works, so don’t even try it.

You’re much better off starting small and making a big deal of sticking to what you say you’re going to do. It may start off with a simple walk around the block after dinner, which is often to be applauded.

The pro tip here is to talk about it with someone after you have done it because not only will it force you to recognize that it’s your choice, but you’ll motivate others!

Create the playlist of greatness!

I love music. I can go from Tupac to Barbra Streisand real quick!

The good thing about going for a walk with headphones is that your activity intensity will rise and fall in accordance with the beats per minute of whatever track you are listening to. So creating a playlist of just ten songs could easily be a forty-minute interval walking session.

Increase your water intake

This is an old trick to beat snacking but it’s one I swear by and will continue to do so; whenever you want a snack drink a glass of water, typically a glass holds approx 330ml of liquid and this will keep your tummy busy for a little while.

I don’t monitor my water intake because I know I drink so much of it but it is possible to over hydrate to when you’re starting out – It scares me that there are people walking amongst us that don’t drink water at all, except for in other drinks.

The typical intake is four to six glasses of water throughout the day.

Have a goal in mind, write it down and share it with someone

Whether it’s to fit into a piece of clothing that you found when decluttering, or you have a holiday coming up or l you simply want to be confident, it’s important to know why you’re doing something.

I have a chalkboard in my kitchen that I write it on and I talk to my friends about it.

These things will reinforce your decision and make you accountable – so if you’re doing things secretly, the battle will be that much harder!


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