Why dogs are the best pet to increase quality of life!

The age-old argument of Dogs vs Cats is a redundant one as far as I’m concerned because, in my opinion, dogs are the best!

Oftentimes the connection between a human and their dog runs deeper and with more authenticity than with fellow humans

Why dogs are the best!

The bond between humans and dogs is known to be one of the most durable to ever exist. 

For all the cat lovers out there, I had a cat for seventeen years and whilst I loved her, she did not love me back!

Here’s why I think dogs are the best!

They see only brilliance and wonder in you. They don’t have conceptual thoughts and therefore their love is genuinely unconditional.

It has been proven that looking into a dogs eyes releases dopamine in the brain which is what makes us feel happy! 

The old saying of a problem shared is a problem halved only works until a friend lets your secrets slip with a careless whisper. This is what makes a relationship with a dog a bit of a cursed blessing because whilst they will never betray your confidence, they also cannot share their advice.

The good news is that I reckon they would always be on our side.

Ever done that thing where you’ve stood on a dogs paw, then apologised like crazy. 

Studies have shown that the tone of our voice when we are apologising actually makes a dog behave in a way that we would call guilty because they never want us to feel bad. 

Studies have shown that when a dog and their human make eye contact the parts of the brain that light up are the parts associated with love.

If this isn’t the best piece of information ever, I don’t know what is.

Whether you leave the room for two minutes or eight hours, your dog’s reception is very likely the same. 

A heroes welcome every time you’re seen by your dog is nothing to be sniffed at.

The laughs are often and surprising with dogs. Whether they are chasing their tails, chasing one another, or doing the weird upside-down legs in the air dance after a bath they are hilarious.

It’s not quite as funny when they roll around in fox poop, but even after that, it is funny because you get to see the upside-down legs in the air dance!

All they want to do is make people happy, it is literally their primary aim in their life.

Whilst people-pleasing is not something that humans should endorse, or propagate, it is an amazing quality in dogs, as long as we don’t take advantage of their desire to please.

Exercise is a byproduct of having them, and bring with them the benefit of encouraging people to spend more time outside in nature.

Just thirty minutes of raising the heartbeat are recommended per day, which is more than easy to do with a dog leading the way!

They are the perfect icebreaker for brokering conversation and even making new friends.

Dogs tend to not experience social awkwardness and usually we are literally the length of a leash away from a new opportunity of friendship!

They soothe anxiety, and encourage calm because they will often demonstrate very clearly what effect our emotional state is having on them.

Dogs will very often sense when we need a little tender loving care and make their presence known. So next time you feel that little wet nose nudge your hand, know that it’s a show of pure love.


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