Powerful movies that will get you in your feelings!

If. like me, you find you spend way too much time searching for movies to watch on Netflix, but despite the weather getting a bit warmer still want to find the best movies to watch that will have you in your feelings! It can be easy for movies to get lost on a streaming platform such as Netflix, Hulu or even Amazon Prime Video so here’s my list of what movies to watch!

Powerful movies that will get you in your feelings!

Berlin, I Love You

This is one of the best movies on Netflix and you will not regret watching it. It’s an independent movie with an incredible cast despite it being quite gritty in production. Berlin has a special place in my heart and this movie is good to watch because it is a few stories all interwoven with one another, it is pure cinematic poetry and the aesthetics are EVERYTHING. Helen Mirren and Keira Knightley are obviously excellent in it.

Beautiful Boy

At the time of writing you can watch this movie on most streaming platforms but I think I watched it on Sky Movies. This is the gruelling, heartbreaking story of a family with a son that becomes addicted to crystal meth. It is a harrowing story and the swelling emotions that are invoked massively, I went from crying to anger and into joy in varying degrees throughout. The production is brilliant and Steven Carrell is Outstanding, in my opinion!

The Colour Purple

This is a must watch movie for anyone that can handle ending up with a pile of tissues beside them because they have ugly cried throughout watching this movie. It’s a classic coming-of-age movie historical period drama that is an essential for any list like this but the beauty in the writing and production is incredible. I also love to see Oprah not looking like a billionaire so that we know she is, in fact, human and we can all feel a bit less lazy!

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

This is a bit of an odd choice for this list because whilst it is a movie that has me in my feelings whenever I watch it, I think it’s because of the writing angle more than the classic coming of age love story that it is written as. It’s a beautiful movie to watch with a heart-lifting end. I would definitely recommend sitting down to watch this movie with a picnic of sweets, as I did!

The Aeronauts

You can only watch this movie on Amazon Prime Video as it’s an exclusive to them. I watched it on a Saturday afternoon with a big bar of chocolate and it was an exhilarating watch. I actually found myself engrossed in the unbelievable storyline of Eddie Redmayne and his co-star charting the weather in a hot air balloon. This is no throwaway movie about the weather, it will have you in a rollercoaster of emotions and I especially loved the strong feminist undertones throughout the entire story!

Call Me By Your Name

There was a lot of hype around this movie, and truth be told Timothee Chalamet’s face get’s on my nerves a but but he is an incredible actor, in fact, he is also the Star of the movie Beautiful Boy I mentioned above. All of my gay friends that watch this movie seem to only recall “the scene with the peach” or the festival of loveliness that is Armie Hammer. It is a wholly beautiful movie though. Definitely recommend a watch!

Marley and Me

Generally speaking, I refuse to watch anything where there is cruelty, or the demise of, a dog. John Wick, I’m looking at you. Jennifer Aniston drew me in and I was forced to sit down to watch this movie. To say that I cried my eyes out is an understatement but it’s a great movie and really celebrates the superiority of dogs!

The Butler

This is a historical drama that is a wonder of beauty and brilliance. (It’s also fun to see Oprah play a belligerent drunk) There’s not denying that it can be awkward to watch a movie that charts the period of time where slavery was socially sanctioned on the whole but the message of this movie is very different to what I thought it would be, this is a movie that you must watch!

Shakespeare in Love

I can’t believe that I didn’t actually watch this movie until last year and I am a lover of period drama, Shakespeare and Cate Blanchett! I think I had to pay for this on Amazon Video because it wasn’t available on a streaming channel, which I think is a travesty! The storyline is clever, it would have been so easy for this movie to become sickly sweet but it’s actually ingenious, I find Romeo & Juliet a bit too sweetly filmed, this is a nice alternative!

A Wrinkle In Time

There is no way I could not include this movie. It was apparently a Box Office Bomb with massive losses but I have watched it a few times and although the diversity and female empowerment messages are brilliant and nice to see; it is a bit clumsy and as a watcher of the movie it feels like you are being beaten over the head with a message which doesn’t help with enjoying the film as it is watched. That being said, for a weekend afternoon with a pint of ice cream, yes please!


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