Freelance Creative Projects

I am a copywriter for a variety of brands around the world on a part-time basis. I offer long and short form copywriting, product description, feature and benefit demonstration, scriptwriting and digital ad copy.

It is important to me that I truly collaborate with clients to conceptualise, design and engage internal stakeholders with campaigns in order to deliver a return on investment.

Utilising the skills that were cultivated during my twenty-year-long career in Sales, my copywriting is specific, relevant, valuable and provocative. As a recruitment specialist it was essential that I knew how, and when, to communicate business to person and business to business.

I also have a degree in Creative Writing.

Understanding your brand voice, intention, and the desired outcome of communication with your target audience gives integrity to my copywriting that will inform, persuade, engage and retain your customer.

Personal Creative Projects

Prose WIP:

a coming-of-age memoir so sublimely ridiculous that I am both amazed and grateful that I am alive to write it… really!

Poetry WIP:

a volume of freeform poetry narrating my journey of discovery (not recovery) with a mental health discover narrative.


I worked for twenty years in business to business sales as a recruiter, my specialist area was education and my product was people.

The UK recruitment industry is worth over £35bn which is a number so massive that it warrants using numbers instead of words.

That’s a lot of CV’s, emails, elevator pitches, career profiles, web profiles, job advertisements, offer designing, feature and benefits presentations etc.

That’s a LOT of Copy

My Niche-less Niche

I pride myself on researching, fact-checking and citing my work and I am not shy so whilst I say I don’t have a niche my ‘bread and butter’ is wellbeing, growth, sales and productivity.  There’s a whole page on this, link below.


My Services

Whether it’s designing an elevator pitch, writing a bid for a tender or a blog post, I’m the writer for you!


My Blog


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